Various (old) Broadcast References.

These were used during courses and presentations, most of these are old, but they may provide some background.
Wherever possible we will provide information that is free.

2020: Due to company mergers and acquisitions, a considerable amount of material has disappeared.
We will re post the links here if substitutes can be found
A number of downloads have been added. These are some of the items previously available at the now broken links.

Be sure to check out Interesting Papers and Books also, as there is some overlap.


Grass Valley have some interesting White Papers.
Search for Snell and NVision, they had excellent introductory papers.

Audio installation – Clean Audio Installation Guide

Although it covers discrete analogue circuitry some of the discussion is well worth some time.
Audio Mixer Design Notes

Very old Broadcast Books (not free)

Some of the books below overlap and duplicate the material already available on the web for free.
The advantage of the books is the material is presented in an ordered and “study ready” fashion.
Make sure you locate the most recent edition (they are updated every few years to keep them current).
Its also worth checking amazon for readers comments (at the bottom) to see if its really suitable.
2020: much of the free web material seems to have disappeared of moved!

Title: Broadcast Engineers Reference Book
Auth: S P J Tozer
Pub: Focal Press

Title: The Art of Digital Audio
Auth: Watkinson
Pub: Focal Press

Title: The Art of Digital Video
Auth: Watkinson
Pub: Focal Press

Title: The MPEG Handbook
Auth: Watkinson
Pub: Focal Press

“Odd” sources of Broadcast / RF / Computer information:

Different and somewhat helpful.
(check out how much his domain is worth – bottom of the page)

Computer Networks

As everything has a computer connected to it…computer networking is helpful.

Their site has a great deal of useful material.

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