Cerebrum – a brief introduction.

Firstly, what is Cerebrum?

If you look up Wiki you get:
But that’s not the type we are interested in here.

Here we are discussing the “Control System used to control other Control Systems”.

This may sound a little odd, but its actually quite sensible once the situation is spelt out.

Until fairly recently Broadcast Engineers would have one or more computers each running a number of applications to control and configure their system(s).

This approach worked well and was generally very reliable.

But at at various times it was also a little “ramshackle”.
ie. To perform a complete backup might require actions on a number of computers/devices using multiple USB sticks (or similar).
It could also be a little error prone….

At some point someone came up the idea of creating a “unified interface” that would hide the complexity of the underlying systems…
ie. “A Control System to control other Control Systems.”

And the Cerebrum we are discussing here, is one of those…

The following sections contain some notes (from a training session by the Manufacturer) and some other information.

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